By Kimberly Mosley

It was the summer of my senior year of high school. I remember the doctor coming into the room and diagnosing my mother with pulmonary hypertension (PH). It was something that my family and I had never heard of, however, we knew that based upon my mother’s condition it involved a tedious amount of shortness of breath. Life after my mother’s diagnosis did not change, despite her having to be on oxygen 24/7. My mother’s faith and tenacity outweighed any of the hospital stays or constant flows of her shortness of breath. She always believed that no matter what, there was a way that she could get better. Cooking, cleaning the house, attending my basketball games, she did it all and for that. I will make sure her legacy stays alive through me. Overall, I do not see her story as a sad story and therefore I am able to tell her story with a smile on my face because the PH did not win and her condition has opened up my eyes to want to bring more awareness to PH and help people with both heart and lung conditions.

From filling up her oxygen tanks to testing out at-home remedies, she was searching for ways to comfort her from the swelling caused by the edema in her late stages of PH and heart failure. I have turned the pain from my mother’s death into my passion and all I have left is to make it my profession. It is my goal to one day become a pulmonologist, bring more awareness to pulmonary hypertension, and save lives. To anyone with PH, I would say do not give up, there is hope. You are strong! R.I.P mom 2.24.16


PH Bill

Angela J. Mosley