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Co-pay Assistance Program:

  • Co-pay Assistance Program helps reduce eligible individuals’ out-of-pocket responsibility by providing up to 100% coverage of co-pays or coinsurance directly to the insurer.

Patients must have private commercial insurance with a percentage coinsurance or co-pay requirement. Medicare or Medicaid patients are ineligible. Assistance is for one year, after which, patients must re-apply. Patients must notify the program of any change in their insurance status. Patients in certain states may be ineligible. The co-pay assistance program has an annual cap per patient year.

Temporary Patient Assistance Program (TPAP):

  • TPAP can help in some temporary situations when immediate coverage is not available. For example, waiting for approval of a prior authorization appeal, waiting for coverage to begin, etc.

Serves individuals who are uninsured (no insurance coverage at all) or underinsured (no prescription coverage, a benefits cap, denial of coverage, etc.)

Patient Assistance Program (PAP):

  • PAP provides eligible individuals with medication free of cost for one year from the date of acceptance. Medicare Part D patients will be enrolled based on calendar year if eligible.

Serves individuals who are uninsured or underinsured (when criteria are met and alternative funding cannot be identified.)

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Aim also provides 24/7 nursing support by phone and at-home nurse visits at the recommendation of a physician.

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