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    • How does the Drug Discount Card work?
      The Drug Discount Card provides patients with discounted rates on certain prescription medicines not covered by insurance. Present the card to the pharmacist along with your prescription at any one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies. The pharmacist will check if there is a discount and if so, know how much you will save.Although unlikely that you will be able to save on PH-specific medications, the card may provide a discount for

      • other prescription medications;
      • over-the-counter medication accompanied with a valid prescription; and
      • some pet medications.

    • Can I use the Drug Discount Card if I have prescription insurance?
      The Drug Discount Card does not work in conjunction with your insurance but may be used to receive a discount on medications not covered by your insurance. Some people have found it cheaper to use the Drug Discount Card instead of their insurance coverage.

    • Do I need to register, enroll or pay to use the Drug Discount Card?
      No. Once you’ve printed the card, you can begin using it right away without cost. Simply present the card with your prescription to any participating pharmacy to receive a discount.

    • Who can use the Drug Discount Card?
      Anybody can use the card and because every card has the same ID number, the same card can be used by multiple people.

  • Can I use the Drug Discount Card if I am on Medicaid or Medicare?
    No. The Drug Discount Card is not valid for patients using Medicaid, Medicare (including Medicare Part D) or other state or federal programs to pay for their medications.Please contact NeedyMeds if you cannot find a participating pharmacy near you or if you have any additional questions regarding the Drug Discount Card.