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Social Security Basics

Social Security Disability (SSD) is essentially an insurance plan that helps to cover medical expenses when you are unable to work. Learn more

Applying for Disability

Applying for disability can seem like an intimidating process. Many people believe that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will turn you down a few times before you get approved, but this is not true. 30% of applicants get approved on their initial application and following these simple steps can increase your chances of being in this 30%. Learn more

Disability Determination

After you submit your application, the SSA will review your application to make sure you meet their basic program requirements. If you meet these requirements, the SSA will complete the disability decision by compiling your medical records and following a five-step process. Learn more

Disability Appeals

If you have been denied SSD or Supplement Security Income (SSI), you still have the right to make an appeal. In fact, you have the right to make several appeals if necessary. While many applicants get approved based on their initial applications, many others receive benefits only after going through the appeals process, so do not give up. Learn more

Working and Disability

One myth is you can’t work at all while drawing disability. This is false, both for SSD and SSI. Going back to work does not automatically stop benefits under either program. In fact, the SSA has many built-in incentives to encourage you to go back to work. Learn more

Understanding the Benefits and Your Rights

It is important that you know your rights if you are a recipient of any Social Security services, whether SSD or SSI. Learn more

PHA Teams Up with the SSA

Since 2008, PHA has been working with SSA to update the Listing of Impairments and ensure that qualified PH patients get onto disability as quickly as possible. Learn more