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Treating pulmonary hypertension is complex and insurance obstacles are sure to arise. Although it might take some persistence, you can overcome these obstacles.

Each individual insurance struggle is unique, but you are not alone in your fight. Read inspirational stories of other patients who have overcome their own insurance challenges.

Charlotte McCabe

The Importance of Keeping a Paper Trail When You’re Living with Pulmonary Hypertension

By: Charlotte McCabe
PH Patient

I learned the hard way, during my career in nursing, to keep paper trails on everything I did and everyone I interacted with. And, boy am I glad I maintained that habit with my own health issues and interactions. I had every piece of documentation I was sent by both my insurance company and the specialty pharmacy providing me my Tyvaso®. When my husband and I got back to the pharmacy billing representatives, we let them know that I had the original contract and all other paperwork from them documenting that I owed “0” percent for my medicine. Read her story