Considering Adoption with Pulmonary Hypertension

Joe and AnnaliseDoctors recommend that pulmonary hypertension patients avoid becoming pregnant due to the risks it poses to mother and child. One recently married patient calls the knowledge that she can’t have a child “the hardest thing about PH.” Family planning can become a source of stress for young women with PH, surrounded by pregnant friends and well-meaning family members who don’t fully understand the health risks of pregnancy with this condition.

Many find ways of coping with the loss, turning to family, friends and humor to help them embrace a new take on family life. Some patients in stable health consider alternatives to pregnancy, including foster parenting and adoption.

Adopting with PH: First Person Perspectives

Family services professional Venessa Nunn and PH patient Hannah Lahmeyer share some of their experiences with the adoption process. The perspectives offered here are not meant as a substitute for a discussion between a PH patient and her medical team about this intensely personal decision.