Pulmonary Hypertension: A Patient’s Survival Guide

Writing and Editing Team

Pulmonary Hypertension: A Patient’s Survival Guide is the brainchild of author and PH patient Gail Boyer Hayes. Her untiring efforts produced the first four complete editions of the book, providing information, answers, comfort and hope to her fellow members of the PH community.

As the scope of the Survival Guide has grown, a volunteer team of patients, caregivers and medical professionals has helped to ensure that the guide remains relevant and up to date for PH patients.

Thank you to the team of volunteer patients, caregivers and medical professionals who keep this important resource up to date!

Gail Boyer Hayes Ron Oudiz, MD


Medical Editor

Gail Boyer Hayes, for the tremendous amount of work that went into the creation of this resource, and for her wisdom, guidance and assistance through every revision cycle. Ron Oudiz, MD, for his untiring leadership and guidance in his role as the Medical Editor of the Survival Guide for every revision of the book.

Cover Artist:
Michelle Smith
Patient, Fremont, Calif.

Medical Writers and Revisers

Fifth Edition, 2014 Revision

These medical professionals volunteered their time to update the following chapters with the latest medical research and to ensure the information presented here is accurate. Chapter 3: Who Gets PH?, William Auger, MD, FCCP, Eric Austin, MD, Wendy Chung, MD, PhD,  Chapter 6: Other Drugs, William Auger, MD, FCCP, Shelley Shapiro,  Chapter 8: Surgical Treatments, William Auger, MD FCCP, Chapter 11: Caregiving, Allyson Rupp, LCSW,  Chapter 14: You’re not the Only One with the Blues, Janet C, Rooks, MA, Chapter 16: Insurance and Legal Matters, Allyson Rupp, LCSW

To review Conflict of Interest Disclosures for the medical professionals that contributed to the Survival Guide, visit: Disclosures

Patient and Caregiver Reviewers

Fifth Edition, 2014 Revision

The following patients reviewed or contributed writing to select chapters to ensure the text in these pages is readable to a patient and caregiver audience:

Kenneth Schmidt, Caregiver (Chapter 11), Debbie Drell, Caregiver (Chapter 11), Joshua Griffis, Patient (Chapter 14)

Past Medical and Patient Reviewers

PHA thanks the huge team of medical and patient reviewers who helped with previous revisions of the Survival Guide, and whose work is still seen in the pages of the book.

Past Medical Reviewers

Cheryl Abbott, RN
Darci Albrecht, MSW
Cathy Anderson-Severson, RN, BSN
David Badesch, MD
Robyn Barst, RN, MD (deceased)
Joy Beckmann, RN, MSN
Monica B. Bueso, MD
Todd Bull, MD
Richard Channick, MD
Kelly Chin, MD
Aimee Doran, RN, CPNP
Gregory Elliott, MD
Karen Fagan, MD
Alfred P. Fishman (deceased)
Adaani Frost, MD
Sean Gaine, MD
Nazzareno Galiè, MD
Nicholas Hill, MD
Jeanne Houtchens, MS, NP-C
Marc Humbert, MD
Dunbar Ivy, MD
Natalie Kitterman, BSN, RN, CCRP
Abby Krichman, RRT
Usha Krishnan, MD
David Langleben, MD
Lian Latham, BA, RN
Deborah Levine, MD
James E. Loyd, MD
Stephen C. Mathai, MD, MHS
Deborah McCollister, RN, BSN
Michael McGoon, MD
Vallerie McLaughlin, MD
John H. Newman, MD
Horst Olschewski, MD
Harold I. Palevsky, MD
Stuart Rich, MD
Marlene Rabinovitch, MD
Ivan Robbins, MD
Erika Berman Rosenzweig, MD
Lewis J. Rubin, MD
Shelley Shapiro, MD
Barbara Smithson, MSN, RN
Victor Tapson, MD
Fernando Torres, MD
Allison Widlitz, PA
Lisa Wheeler, RN
Diahann Wilcox, APRN
Tonya Zeiger, RRT, CPFT
Warren A. Zuckerman, MD

Past Patient and Caregiver Reviewers

Pam Adams, Teresa Asselin-Hayes, Sandra Briggeman, Anne Caesar, Cindy Caldwell, Linda Carr, Jolaine Cowherd, Betsey Crittenden, Rebecca Dworkin, Sylvia Earley, Lois Fitzpatrick, Edward Freundl, Gail Fricks, Lisa Garnett, Bruce Gordon, Joe Haan, Hooper Harris, Stephanie Harris, Sarah Ing, Lester J. Ishado, Karen Janjanin, Maureen Keane, Sally Maddox, Karen Madison, Pam Medina, Lisa Mercer, Carol Morrison, Louise Morrison, Robert Ngo, Rita Orth, Paula Patty, Jessica Poisson, Diane Ramirez, Elaine Rubin, Claudia Sample, Susan Salay, Judy Simpson, Cheryl Spillman, Janet Stone, Jennifer Tahmoush, Jill Townsend, Florine Tripp and Denise Wathen.