Pulmonary Hypertension Related Products

From time-to-time, members of the PHA community make PH-related products available for sale with a portion of the proceeds benefiting PHA services and research. These sales are handled by the individuals who offer the products and we thank them deeply for their generosity.

The following items are currently available:


Developed as a means to provide a better option, the PoppyPocket is a must-have solution for those undergoing infusion treatments. The PoppyPocket instills a sense of assurance and confidence in everyday living by maintaining your privacy through a patent pending under-the-clothes design, that carries the infusion pump system comfortably and securely against the body to avoid equipment being tangled, pulled and damaged. Easily adjustable to fit all sizes, the PoppyPocket enables you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as a sound nights sleep, and empowers you to embark on a “take no prisoners” approach to living, accepting no limits and living boldly. Order yours today


As a symbol of hope, strength and courage, Bravelets are a wearable reminder to “be brave” in your fight against pulmonary hypertension. When you buy a periwinkle Bravelet, not only will you raise awareness as you wear it, but $10 of every purchase goes to PHA, at no extra cost to you. Whether you’re purchasing this for yourself or for a family member or friend to support a loved one, Bravelets are a great way to join the fight against PH! Order online

O2 Kid Lids

Cute scrub hats with ribbons to hold the nasal canuals without the stickers. Order online

Barb’s Beads

Barbara Thompson is a Pulmonary Hypertension patient. She hand crafts these beautiful awareness bracelets for PH patients as well as other causes. 10% of the proceeds benefit PHA. Visit her website and order one today.

PHantastic Jewelry

Kayla Dunlop started her own fundraising jewelry line soon after being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. She wanted to give back and spread awareness to help find a cure. She creates fashionable bracelets, necklaces and earrings that you can wear to show your support. The net proceeds from the jewelry goes to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. To hear more about her story and to visit her online store go to phantasticjewelry.com

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps are an amazing way to have beautiful nails right in your own home! What’s better then beautiful, affordable nails? Nails that support Pulmonary Hypertension! $3 of each special PHA wrap purchased will be donated to PHA and 20% of any additional purchases will also be donated!! Contact Deanna Johnson for more information and to show your support today! Order online

In Sickness & Not Health

Kathy Van Osdale-Levitt was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a life threatening lung disease, at the age of twenty-six. She was newly married and quickly realized how having a chronic illness would turn her life, and the life of her husband Brian upside down. This book is their personal story of living with chronic disease as a married couple. It offers insight, advice, and help for those dealing with any sickness on a daily basis. Order yours today 

The Joys of Jennifer

Would you give up on your child if you were told, right from birth, that there was no hope? If Carolyn had done that, her daughter Jennifer would not have thrived with her many challenges associated with Pulmonary Hypertension and CHARGE Syndrome. The Joys of Jennifer will give all parents of children with challenges or special needs the hope, confidence, and reassurance in their parenting skills.

A donation of 50% from the proceeds to PHA. When ordering, click on ‘add special instructions’ and designate donation to PHA. Order online


Kimberly E Civitelli was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. She was the light of her family, and cared deeply about those around her, embracing those who struggled and befriending those who society most often rejected. But this serious disease brought darkness into her life. Told by her older sister, “Bittersweet” chronicles the whirlwind diagnosis, Kimberly’s struggle to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of trials and letdowns, and her ultimate transformation of faith and impact on those who knew and loved her. Bittersweet will inspire you to embrace life and the joys it offers. 20% of all books sold will be donated to PHA. Order online.

We welcome other members of our community to support PHA in a similar fashion. If you have a PH-related product and would like to donate a portion of the income to PHA, please contact Brittani Harris at gro.noitaicossAHP@HinattirB or 301-565-3004 x765.