Take Action Now to Keep Pressure on Congress!

PHA joined more than a dozen national organizations on Capitol Hill to tell Congress to vote no on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). However, this Senate health care proposal retains some protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions that the House tried to eliminate earlier this year. However, it cuts Medicaid, loosens essential health benefit requirements and in some cases permits annual and lifetime benefit caps — all changes that would be devastating to individuals with PH and other rare diseases.

PHA Board Member Colleen Connor represented PHA on Capitol Hill alongside the American Lung Association, American Heart Association and many others. While she was there, we rallied PH advocates to support her efforts with more than 100 emails to their Senators in just a few hours.

Your Voice Matters Now!

Senate leaders will continue to change the bill over the coming week to try to build enough support to pass it; your voice is critical now! Use PHA’s online advocacy tools to email  your Senators. Tell them to vote no on BCRA and build healthcare policy that provides affordable, accessible treatment for individuals with PH. Email now!

Our Efforts Paid Off — Keep Up The Pressure!

Thanks to our efforts, senate leadership delayed a vote on BCRA until after July 4 — a sign that not enough senators have agreed to vote yes, yet.
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