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Eva Pfeifer: “I have my oxygen machine on or a tank handy and my house cool just in case I feel like stepping outside to play with my dogs for 15-30 minutes. Always keep a cold water bottle with you too…you wouldn’t want to be out of breath, hot, and dehydrated.”

Rhonda Cramer Gonzalez: “Make sure your home has air condition, try to get out when the temps aren’t so hot like morning to late afternoon and always have plenty of cold water. Another thing I absolutely do when it’s really warm is eat ice pops or crushed ice, it really helps to keep me cool and actually helps me breathe a little better!”

Gracie Hendrickson:  “100% cotton will keep you cooler. This is true for all your bed clothes as well as your clothes.”

Donna Wooley Karl: “Kiddie pool to put your feet in and a cold pack on the top of your head or back of neck if you are sitting outside.”