PHA Fundraising Events

Every year, there are more than 60 events taking place across the country to raise much-needed funds to support the PH community. Some events are hosted by PHA, and others are hosted by members in the community. However, every event brings together patients, caregivers and medical professionals to support one another in our fight against PH. Please join us in supporting the PH community by participating in an upcoming event near you! Interested in hosting an event? Email us.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Father Honors Daughter’s Memory Through Fundraising

Two years ago, Gary Atkinson created a fundraising team for the Boston O2breathe Walk to honor his daughter’s memory. Gary, a former resident of West Townsend, Massachusetts, named the team “Because of Sarah” for his daughter, who was born with pulmonary hypertension and died almost 21 years ago at age 18.

Detroit Family Raises Money to Provide Hope

Candace and her family became involved in the Detroit O2breathe Walk to give back and get more involved in the PH community. She met others with PH like me through the walk, giving her hope and people to relate to.