What: The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) will present a live mini-concert to bring awareness to pulmonary hypertension (PH), a progressive, life-threatening disease often misdiagnosed – as asthma, for example. The three-minute concert, followed by a brief Q & A session, will feature Chloe Temtchine — propelled to YouTube fame as a vocalist, guitarist and pianist who performs tethered to an oxygen canister. Chloe will gift all virtual mini-concert attendees a free copy of RISE. She will announce details during the Q& A session after her performance.

Who: Temtchine, based in Los Angeles, has battled PH for about nine years. She was misdiagnosed for five years and was officially diagnosed on March 4, 2013. Her fans have become accustomed to Temtchine’s oxygen canister —which the singer affectionately named Steve Martin. She serves as a PHA celebrity champion. For the live concert, she’ll debut her new single “Rise.”

Why: PH is characterized by increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs, which can lead to death from right-heart failure. Common PH symptoms are non-specific and can include shortness of breath, fatigue and chest pain. Consequently, this complex disease is often misdiagnosed, leading to delays in proper treatment and costing patients valuable time. PH can present alone or with other illnesses, including congestive heart disease, connective tissue disorders, COPD and many other diseases. It affects infants, children and adults of all races and ethnic backgrounds. With early and accurate diagnosis, PH treatments can extend and improve the quality of life for many people living with the disease. However, there are no approved PH treatments for children.

When: The event, which will take place Tuesday, May 30, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m., PT.

Where: facebook.com/PulmonaryHypertensionAssociation. Temtchine will perform from a studio in Los Angeles.

How: Headquartered in Silver Spring, Md., PHA relies on charitable donations to fund programs that support PH patients, health care professionals and researchers looking for causes and cures for this complex disease. Founded 26 years ago by patients, PHA is the first and largest organization in the world dedicated to empowering and advocating on behalf of patients and caregivers, catalyzing research for a cure, and promoting quality patient care – in short, giving hope to people battling the disease. For more information and to learn how you can support PH patients, visit www.PHAssociation.org and connect with PHA on Twitter and Instagram @PHAssociation and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PulmonaryHypertensionAssociation.




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