If you’re a Wall Street Journal reader, you may have noticed the full-page ad, Tuesday, May 23, from the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research.  On page B-5, the ad thanks Congress for its bipartisan support of medical research and encourages Members to continue their backing by increasing National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding by $2 million in 2018. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) is among the list of patient-serving organizations that benefit from NIH funding.

NIH grants support the work of PH researchers across the county. Every year, PHA spends time on Capitol Hill talking with lawmakers about the importance of this research funding to help medical professionals better understand the causes of PH, more effectively treat the disease and add to learnings pointing to possible ways to cure the complex disease.

This spring, the President’s budget proposed a $1.2 billion cut to NIH. PHA and many other patient organizations spoke out – and Congress listened!  We reported in PHANews this month that Congress approved a $2 billion increase to the NIH budget for the remainder of the year. In addition, the 2017 Department of Defense Peer Review Medical Research Program now designates respiratory health and burn pit exposure as two areas eligible for study. This means that researchers interested in the link between burn-bit exposure and PH, as well as in PH generally, will be able to apply for grant funding from this unique program. Both are areas for which PHA advocated.

The Wall Street Journal ad reads: “As a result of our nation’s bipartisan investment in medical research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Americans are living longer, healthier lives. We have new treatments and cures for diseases once considered death sentences. Fewer people are dying of preventable diseases. And more people with chronic conditions and disabilities are living active and productive lives. Investment in medical research also spurs economic growth by driving innovation, creating jobs, and improving America’s global competitiveness. CONGRESS: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH. Let’s keep the progress going. Increase funding for NIH by $2 billion in 2018.”

PHA teams with the PH community as we advocate on your behalf. Learn how you can join the fight by clicking here.