PHA PHriends are patient and caregiver volunteers in the PH community who are available to offer hope and support throughout your PH journey. Under the supervision of PHA, PHriends work with people with PH and caregivers affected by PH to provide emotional support and alleviate current life challenges. Patients and caregivers can connect with a PHriend by calling the Patient-to-Patient Support Line at 1-800-748-7274 or contacting an Email Mentor.  Support Line volunteers are here to answer your PH questions, lend a sympathetic ear or help guide you in solving problems or issues related to living with PH. Call to speak directly with a PHA PHriend. Email mentors can share what they’ve learned along their PH journey, point you in the direction for information and resources of value, and work with you to develop strategies for coping with PH in your own life. PHA PHriends do not provide medical advice, which should always be obtained directly from a physician.

Are you interested in supporting new patients and caregivers in the PH community? Apply to be a PHA PHriend: