Take a look at how Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) support groups across the country are spreading holiday cheer! Find a PHA support group in your area by visiting the PHA website.

Greater LA Support Group in California
“I love being together for a beautiful reason. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) brought us together, but PH doesn’t define us. We play games and steal goodies from each other! It’s a blast. Thank you to PHA for making this happen for us. It’s such a great way to spend time together! We made new friends today too.”
Leader: Monica Penaranda

Jacksonville PHA Support Group in Florida
The Jacksonville Support Group held a holiday celebration on Saturday, Dec. 14.
Leader: Mike Robinson

CSRA (Augusta) Support Group in Georgia
“We revealed our identity to our ‘Secret PHriend’ from this year and choose new ones for the upcoming year. I gave out custom-made PH tote bags and license plate covers along with a few other little things as my gift to the members, and we just enjoyed our time together. It was a great time of friendship and fellowship.”
Leader: Marcie McGregor

Chicagoland Holiday Party in Illinois
The local Chicago-area support groups came together to hold the annual Chicagoland holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 14.
Leaders: Lynn Bastian, Leah Bastian, Benita Kosiara and Colleen Enghause

Kentuckiana Support Group in Indiana
“Kentuckiana PH Warriors and PH Warriors Evansville had a wonderful Christmas party on Dec. 1. This group is a blessing to each of us. Thank you to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.”
Leaders: Michelle Reller and Debi Huff

St. Louis Area Support Group in Missouri
The St. Louis Area Support Group ended the year with one of their traditional holiday parties. You don’t have to tell this group how to have fun!
Leaders: Amanda Harvey-McKee, Brenda McCowan and Denise Beach

Mount Sinai Support Group in New York
The group played PH bingo and PH jeopardy. There was a discussion about dealing with family, transplants and types of medication.
Leaders: Rachel Potter, Laura Bauer and Hooman Poor

El Paso Support Group in Texas
The El Paso Support Group held a holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 14.
Leader: Estella Medina

Richmond, Central VA Support Group in Virginia
The Richmond, Central VA Support Group held a holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 7.
Leaders: Charnetta Lester and Krista Cummings