“My family and support system of friends give me hope.”

By Brittany Schwartz

“On Halloween of 2018, my husband and I took the kids trick-or-treating; I couldn’t make it the full length around the block before I almost passed out. I had been experiencing severe symptoms for a few months. I wasn’t able to walk up and down the stairs without becoming physically sick. I had already been misdiagnosed with vertigo twice! On Nov. 1, after completing my exams and attending parent teacher conferences, I made my way to our local hospital. After a couple days and rounds of testing and also convincing the cardiologist something wasn’t right, I was sent to OSU after the results of my echo came back. I spent the next 21 days in the hospital after my right heart catheterization confirmed pulmonary hypertension. Luckily, I was diagnosed correctly this time and given a chance to continue living my life for my little girl and my family. My family and support system of friends give me hope.”