“Fundraising gives me a sense of strength and hope.”

By Rhonda Cramer

“My story began when I was 15 with the loss of my mother to pulmonary hypertension (PH) and a year later, the loss of my aunt to PH. I never imagined I would be diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension 15 years later after my second pregnancy. It was unimaginable that this disease could have such an impact on our family — not only one being diagnosed, but three in our family.

“The possibility of passing away as a young mother was not an option for me, so I vowed to PHight for my children, family, myself and those we lost. Fundraising gives me a sense of strength and hope that not only am I spreading awareness for those suffering with PH now, but also carrying on the PHight for those we have lost, one day leading to a cure!”