Although Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month is coming to an end, responses to our “PHaces of Hope” campaign continue. Therefore PHA will continue to post the community’s PHaces into December so that everyone who wants to share their hope can be part of this year’s campaign.

To view this week’s “PHaces of Hope” visit You can also link to each story below.

Karen Fragale (diagnosed with PH related to scleroderma)

“The future looks bright!” Read her story of Hope.

Justin Anthony (diagnosed with PH)

“Wake up every morning knowing you are going to conquer the world.” Read his story of Hope.

Barbara Thompson (diagnosed with idiopathic PH)

“[My hope is that] the public and the doctors [become] educated about this insidious disease.” Read her story of Hope.

Brittany Schwartz (diagnosed with idiopathic PH related to lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease)

“My family and support system of friends give me hope.” Read her story of Hope.

Katie Robbins (diagnosed with idiopathic PH)

“I have hope that my future will be bright and that I will live a happy and fulfilling life.” Read her story of Hope.

Daniel Kolopajlo (diagnosed with idiopathic PH)

“Thankful to my donor for the gift of life he so unselfishly gave to me.” Read his story of Hope.

Anastasia Gozaly-Loh (diagnosed with PH related to congenital heart disease)

“A strong, constant support and taking care of my body and mind give me hope on top of the medications that I am taking.” Read her story of Hope.

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