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How to Participate

If you qualify for enrollment in PHAR (see Who Can Participate in PHAR?), you will be asked by your healthcare team if you would like to participate in this new start-up quality of care and research project.

If you decide to enroll and sign the informed consent form, you will be asked to fill out a survey on a tablet computer. Your doctor will also fill out a form about you. When you are seen in clinic, you will be asked to complete a brief follow-up survey about your symptoms and overall health status approximately twice each year. Your healthcare professional (or assistant) will also complete follow-up surveys.

How much time does it take to participate in PHAR?

The first time information is collected, it may take up to 20-30 minutes. There are several questions — such as your birth date, where you were born, etc. — where the answers will not change and will only be asked once (when you first enroll). After that, your information will be updated about every six months. We anticipate these later updates to take only about 10-15 minutes.