A thoughtful pharmacist who drove 100 miles on Easter weekend to obtain medication in short supply for a young girl with pulmonary hypertension was featured on Fox 5 News in Washington, D.C., on June 17. Six-year-old Callie Linscott of Virginia ran out of her life-saving medication right before the holiday and her family thought she might have to check into the hospital for care.

That was before pharmacist Laura Thomas made dozens of phone calls, located the medicine at a pharmacy located hours away and then drove there to get it for the young patient. Callie’s mother, Nikki, nominated Laura for the station’s regular feature “Pay It Forward,” which thanks individuals for going out of their way for someone else. “Without people like you it would be very difficult for us to go through the day to day and it means so much to us,” Callie’s father Warren said. View the heartwarming video here.

Pharmacist Goes Extra Mile for PH Patient