PH Care Centers

Application Process

PHCC Application Procedure

The PHCC online application portal for PH Care Centers accreditation is now available. Centers will complete an application that will assess the program in five areas: Center Director, Center Coordinator, Program Staff & Support Services, Facility, and Clinical Research. A detailed “Application Instructions” document is available for download and will guide you though the process. Applicant programs will be notified regarding a specific site review date.

  1. Online Application Submission. PH programs interested in applying for accreditation by the PHCC initiative can access the online application by following the link at the bottom of this page. The application is robust, which will allow the site reviewers to understand the context and competence of the PH care provided by your program. If at any point you have questions about the application process, you may contact PHA directly at or visit the Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Online Application Reviewed. To ensure that all components of your application have been completed, after submission your application will be reviewed by PHA staff members and acknowledged within 2 business days. After a review for completion, PHA staff members will contact you to begin the site review scheduling process.
  3. Site Review. After your application has been received in full, a site review will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for integral members of your program. Two members of the PHCC Review Committee, a physician and a non-physician coordinator with extensive experience in PH diagnosis and management, will travel to your center to complete a day-long site visit. These site visits can vary, but the schedule will likely be similar to the outline below:
    8:00-8:45AM Meeting with Program Leadership
    8:45-9:15AM Individual Meetings with Program Director and Program Coordinator
    9:15-9:30AM Identification of charts by site visitors for later review
    9:30-10:00AM Visit to Outpatient Clinic and Interview with Program Outpatient support Team (PH support staff, Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonary Rehabilitation)
    10:00-10:30AM Site visitor Supporting Document review
    10:30-10:45AM Interview with Patient
    10:45-11:00AM Interview with Catheterization Laboratory Director
    11:00-11:15AM Break/Travel time
    11:15AM-12:15pm Visit to Inpatient Ward and Interview with Program Inpatient support team (PAH Clinical Specialist, Nursing staff, Inpatient Pharmacist)
    12:15-1:00PM Lunch with Site Team
    1:00- 2:00PM Chart Review (12-15 records – see patient roster form)
    2:00- 2:15PM Interview with Clinical Research Support Staff
    2:15- 2:30PM Interview with Hospital Administrator
    2:30-2:45PM Break/Travel time
    2:45- 3:15PM Site visitors’ private review and program discussion
    3:15- 3:45PM Wrap-up Meeting with the Program Medical Director and Coordinator to Give Immediate Feedback
  4. Accreditation Decision. After your site visit, the PHCC Review Committee will review documents from your application and notes from the site review. These will be considered in aggregate during the Review Committee’s deliberations and your program will be notified after a decision has been made.

PHCC Application Instructions

Members of the PHCC Leadership have finalized the PHCC Application Instructions Packet which is now available for you to download. This packet contains:

  • PHCC Application Instructions
  • PAH/CTEPH Patient Roster
  • PHCC Business Associates Agreement (BAA) Template
    • This should be executed, in conjunction with the SOW, prior to a site visit.
  • PHCC Statement of Work (SOW) Template
    • This should be executed, in conjunction with the BAA, prior to a site visit.
  • Institutional Letter of Support Template
  • General Letter of Support Template
  • PHCC Site Visit Schedule of Events
    • After your site visit is scheduled please fill in the names of team members and interview locations. Send the completed version to at least 14 days prior to your site visit.

PHCC Adult CCC Application Instructions Packet

PHCC Pediatric CCC Application Instructions Packet

PHCC Adult RCP Application Instructions Packet