Strategic Plan

PHA operates within a Strategic Plan that brings an ambitious, yet achievable, focus to our work, based on our mission, goals and objectives. The plan is developed by a Board-level Strategic Planning Committee with input from PHA staff, and adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Performance Measures & Reporting

The PHA staff reports annually to the Board of Trustees on progress made toward achieving the goals and objectives in our Strategic Plan, including statistical benchmarks. To enable the Board to stay abreast of activities and accomplishments on a regular basis, the staff provides it with a weekly report via email. We also report annually (or more frequently as required) to government and foundation funders, comparing stated goals and objectives to progress made.

We also assess programmatic success by gathering input from those we serve via focus groups, advisory boards and surveys. This input is essential to both shaping and, when necessary, re-shaping the programs and services we offer patients, family members and medical professionals.

PHA reports on our achievements semi-annually to our donors and others via a mid-year report and annual report. Additionally, PHA President Rino Aldrighetti presents an annual “State of PHA” webinar.


The PHA community is focused on finding a cure for pulmonary hypertension and making life better for PH patients and their family members. PHA’s many successes can be attributed to our dedicated and actively involved Board of Trustees, highly motivated and engaged staff, and a vast corps of volunteers.

PHA’s Board of Trustees is made up of representatives from every area of our constituent base: patients, caregivers, family members, health professionals, and researchers. Our board brings together individuals from all walks of life in a common fight to find a cure.

PHA has experienced rapid program, budget and staff growth. In 1999, PHA employed two part-time staff and had a budget of $132,000. By 2015, we have grown to a staff of over 50 and four chapters across the U.S. Our staff has a strong commitment to our cause.

PHA was run strictly on volunteer power for our first 10 years and while the organization has grown, we have maintained a strong grassroots orientation. Our toll-free Patient-to-Patient Support Line (800-748-7274) is staffed by dedicated volunteers who offer support and information 365 days a year. PHA volunteers lead a network of more than 245 support groups. Volunteers also host special events, participate in fundraising, drive our advocacy and awareness campaigns forward and so much more.