Navigating Open Enrollment – Medicare: Tips & Troubleshooting

Recorded on October 20, 2022
In this webinar, Danielle Burkett, CMA, shares Medicare insights and her knowledge from working with insurance companies and specialty pharmacies for over seven years. Learn what experts wish their patients knew about Medicare and get tips on navigating common Medicare plan challenges.

About the Speakers

Danielle Burkett, CMA
Danielle Burkett has worked as a certified medical assistant (CMA) for Duke University Hospital’s Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center for seven and a half years. She works directly with insurance companies and specialty pharmacies to get PH medication approved for her patients. She loves her job and telling patients that they have been approved. She also assists patients in getting funding for expensive medication.

Jaeger Spratt, MSW
Jaeger Spratt is PHA’s advocacy and treatment access program manager. They coordinate PHA’s grassroots advocacy network. The network empowers people impacted by PH to effect change with elected officials. They also help community members with managing copay assistance, choosing insurance and other treatment-access issues. Jaeger received a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and has federal policy and legislative advocacy experience with the National Center for Transgender Equality.

PHA thanks Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for its Diamond sponsorship of the PHA Connects fund, which sponsors patient education programming.