The winter 2022 issue of Pathlight deals with growth. This issue’s articles recount the many ways the pulmonary hypertension (PH) community has grown as patients manage their disease.

In the cover story, we hear from Emily Wahl of Louisiana. Emily relates how her life was upended when her newborn daughter was diagnosed with PH and later died. In that time, Emily developed a blood clot that led to her own PH diagnosis. Despite the devastating changes to her life, Emily, 31, shares her hopes.

In “Familial PAH Affects Four Generations,” Whitney Whited outlines her family history with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). After she learned about the BMPR2 gene, she sought genetic testing for her and her children and is educating others about heritable PAH.

Mark Porter of Idaho shares his story in “PTE Surgery Discovers a Young Heart.” Mark, 49, developed large blood clots despite his active lifestyle and eventually was diagnosed with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. As he recovers from his August surgery, he’s making plans for ski trips this winter.

This issue’s donor profile relays how Janet McAllister expanded a fundraiser she started after her 2011 PAH diagnosis. In “Keeping Fundraisers Fresh,” Janet relates how her Paddle the Gallup canoe race and barbecue evolved from a Halloween fundraising event and now draws thousands more to support PHA’s critical services.

In “Volunteer Work Brings Personal Growth,” six people share how they have grown as leaders and self-advocates by providing peer support for the PH community. We also hear from five advocates who help the PH community heighten its power on Capitol Hill.

The issue also includes stories about PHA’s expanded professional mentorship program, tips to be your own care advocate, and ideas to prepare for insurance changes in the New Year.

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