Photo by Kathleen Sheffer

Show off how you proudly flaunt or cleverly conceal oxygen cannulas, mobility devices and medication pumps. Get ready for a fashion show as part of “PHA Connects: Summer PHling,” set for Aug. 1.

Submit digital photos and videos, a short bio and description of your outfit by midnight EDT July 8 for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s virtual fashion show. Stay tuned for more details about our Summer PHling, and submit your PHashion Show entry.

 Guarantee a great entry with these guidelines:

  • Use a smart phone or high-quality digital camera.
  • If you can, ask someone to take the photo or video for you, rather than a selfie. You also can use the self-timer setting.
  • Make sure the room or setting has strong or natural lighting. If possible, make sure the light source isn’t direct behind you to prevent shadows. Try not to use flash.
  • Make sure your outfit doesn’t blend into the background.
  • Photos can be vertical or horizontal. Videos should be horizontal.
  • Videos should be no longer than 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Have fun! Your upbeat energy will make your photos and videos more fun for others to watch!

Upload up to four photographs and one video of yourself wearing your fashion show outfit.

Technical specs

Photos: The larger your photo file is, the better it will appear when blown up. That means it should take up about 2 MB of memory. You also can select “actual size” when your phone prompts you to send a small, medium, large or actual size image.

Video: Minimum resolution should be 1280×720 pixels and maximum 1920×1080. Avoid Ultra HD or 4K videos. Do not add music or a soundtrack.

Time magazine offers these tips to take quality photos with a smart phone: