Help Keep the Focus on Patient Protections!

The Senate voted Tuesday to continue to debate on health care reform. The starting point for this debate will be the American Health Care Act (ACHA), the health care bill the House of Representatives passed earlier this year. In its current form, the ACHA would leave 23 million more people uninsured by 2026 and would negatively impact many in the PH community.

Over the next few days, legislators will consider a variety of amendments to the ACHA while trying to secure enough votes to pass a health care reform bill in the Senate. While some of these amendments may be minor, others represent a complete alteration of the legislation including one that would “amend” the ACHA to turn it into a repeal of existing law — the Affordable Care Act — without a replacement.

This open process means that your voice is again critical. Remind your senators that health care reform must meet the needs of individuals living with complex, chronic health conditions. Ask them to go back to the drawing board and work together to protect individuals living with serious illnesses. Email now!