Strategic Plan – Key Focus Areas & Strategic Initiatives


A world without pulmonary hypertension (PH), empowered by hope.


To extend and improve the lives of those affected by PH.

To achieve our mission and ultimately realize our vision, PHA will:

  • Raise awareness among the public, health care professionals, policy makers, influencers and elected officials about adult and pediatric pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients’ needs, research priorities, and the impact of health care policies on access to care and quality of life.
  • Educate and influence payers, policy makers, regulators and agencies at the federal and state levels on behalf of PH patients – including pediatric, associated disease and lower socio-economic patients and communities impacted by health care disparities – and the health care community to reduce barriers to care and to increase NIH and other funding for PH.
  • Amplify the voice and impact of the PH community in affecting health care policy through collaboration, alliances, coalitions and partnerships with professional societies and other patient advocacy organizations that have complementary missions, goals and objectives.
  • Provide grants for innovative adult and pediatric research projects across a broad range of PH topics and institutions nationwide.
  • Support the next generation of physician-researchers and scientists focusing on adult and pediatric PH through fellowships, young investigators’ awards, and early career grants for difficult-to-fund research projects.
  • Collaborate with PH and associated disease patients, health and science professionals, government, and other organizations, to advise and gather new knowledge and information to share with the PH community effectively, rapidly, and broadly.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities, training, support and other resources to help and empower patients, caregivers and families of children living with PH in their efforts to fight against PH and help others within the PH community.
  • Host in-person, telephone and online support group and peer-to-peer meetings that offer adult and pediatric PH patients, caregivers, and families of children living with PH at different stages of their journey the knowledge, support, hope and empowerment they need to thrive.
  • Strengthen and empower the PH community through PHA’s international conference, regional meetings and online educational opportunities that offer networking and support, disease and care management information and lifestyle advice.
  • Develop easily accessible print and online educational and informational resources that provide adult and pediatric PH patients, caregivers and families of children living with PH with the knowledge they need to successfully manage their disease from newly diagnosed to long-term survival.
  • Enhance communications efforts to remain the primary resource for trusted, timely and actionable information for the PH Community.
  • Increase revenue through a comprehensive development program that includes individual and corporate and foundation solicitations, events, dues, sponsorship, meeting fees, government grants, as well as investment returns and effective management of resources.
  • Educate health care professionals and researchers treating adult and pediatric PH patients by creating and disseminating clinically relevant PH educational content that offers CME/CE opportunities through international conferences, symposia and regional scientific sessions and online and print resources.
  • Increase access to quality PH care through a nationwide network of accredited adult and pediatric PH comprehensive care centers and regional clinical programs.
  • Facilitate improvements in adult and pediatric PH patient care, research, and education by collecting, maintaining, and analyzing data in an observational patient data registry.