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Medicare Comparison Chart

  Original Medicare    
  Part A
(Inpatient Services)
Part B
(Outpatient Services)
Part C
(Medicare Private Plans)
Part D
(Prescription Drug Coverage)
  • Inpatient hospital care
  • Skilled nursing facilities (excluding long-term care)
  • Hospice
  • Some healthcare
  • Doctors’ visits and most medically necessary doctors’ services
  • Outpatient hospital care
  • Durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Prescription drugs that require DME to administer
  • Preventative care
  • X-rays & lab tests
  • Mental health care

PH-Specific Coverage

  • Tyvaso®
  • Flolan®, Veletri® or generic epoprostenol
  • Remodulin®
  • Ventavis®
  • DME (e.g., home oxygen)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR)
    * You may be limited to 36 PR sessions per lifetime
  • Allows members the option to select a privately managed care plan to replace original Medicare and its benefits.
  • Plans must provide all Part A & B services (may provide additional coverage), but may do so with different rules, costs and restrictions.
  • Part C is not a separate benefit.
  • Optional outpatient prescription drug coverage provided through private insurance companies.
  • Buying into Part D depends on your personal drug needs.

PH-Specific Coverage

  • Tracleer®
  • Letairis®
  • Adcirca®
  • Revatio®/Viagra®
  • Opsumit®
  • Adempas®
  • Orenitram®
Learn more about choosing a plan that meets your needs
  • No premium
    Part A is free if you or your spouse have worked and paid Social Security taxes for at least 10 years.

    You will pay a monthly premium if you have worked and paid taxes for less than 10 years.
Part A Cost Breakdown 2016
  • Monthly premium ($121.80)
  • Annual deductible ($166)
  • Coinsurance/ copayments
Part B Cost Breakdown 2016
  • Varies from plan to plan
  • Varies from plan to plan.
    In 2016, your annual deductible cannot be more than $360. Average national premium is $34.10.
  • Premiums and deductibles do not apply and copayments will be lower if you are enrolled in Extra Help – a federal program designed to help low-income individuals cover the cost of their prescription drugs.
  • High out-of-pocket costs during the coverage gap until you reach a catastrophic limit.
  • You may be charged an additional, permanent fee if you decline the Medicare Part D benefit when it is first offered to you and then later decide to purchase a Medicare Part D plan.
Part D Cost Breakdown 2016

Medigap: Optional Plans to Supplement Original Medicare (Parts A & B)

Original Medicare does not cover everything. In addition to retirement options through employers, individuals eligible for Medicare have the choice of purchasing a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) policy that would help cover some of the gaps in Original Medicare's coverage.

Depending on where you live, there are ten standard Medigap plans, A-N.* Plan A is generally the cheapest (offering the least amount of additional benefits) and Plan L the most expensive (offering more benefits). However, coverage and premiums vary among plans depending on the company you buy it from.

*As of June 1, 2010, Medicare introduced two new plans, M and N. Plans E, H, I and J will no longer be offered, but Medicare consumers who already have these plans will be able to keep them.



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