Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) Support Group Leader Advisory Board convened for its annual meeting on Saturday, Oct. 26 in Atlanta for a day of leadership activities and discussions focused on strengthening PHA’s support group program. At the meeting, the nine members discussed what it means to be a successful support group leader and how PHA strives to set leaders up for success.

Members of PHA’s Support Group Leader Advisory Board mentor and build relationships with new PHA support group leaders to help them develop an understanding of the program and to assist with the hard work it takes to plan a first support group meeting.

They also host Regional Networking Groups (RNGs), quarterly teleconferences for PHA support group leaders divided by region. Each group is each chaired by a member of the advisory board. RNGs provide a space for leaders to give and receive support from one another. Leaders check in about topics they feel unable to discuss with their support group, such as handling the death of group members. Leaders can talk about their challenges, celebrate successes, brainstorm best practices and receive advice and support from fellow leaders.

As part of the day’s activities, the advisory board held a phone bank to call new leaders to thank them for making an impact in the pulmonary hypertension (PH) community and to offer support.

To learn more about the advisory board – and for current PHA support group leaders to solicit their advice on issues – head to PHAssociation.org/LocalSupportGroups/Advisory-

To find your nearest support group, check out PHA’s map at PHAssociation.org/LocalSupportGroups. If there is no group close to you and you have the passion, time and energy to get one started, contact PHA at Support@PHAssociation.org to begin your support group leader journey.