Doug Taylor is front and center at PHA 2022 among our many support group leaders and volunteers. 

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) welcomes Doug Taylor to its Support Group Leader Advisory Board. Doug joins Laura Hooley, Marcie McGregor, Diane Ramirez, Nikole Nichols, Tina Stiyer, Pat Ofori, Monica Penaranda and Debra Hines.

Doug has led the Midlands-Columbia support group in South Carolina for 16 years. Doug, who was diagnosed in 2003, has a unique way to share hope. Each day, he chooses something to celebrate and designates it as a personal holiday. He then shares the “holidays” with his community. Examples include Cardinal Day, Soup Day, Remembrance Day, Peanut Butter Day and Life Day.

Doug started “Celebrate Each Day” to remind his support group members that every day is precious and that attitude affects state of mind. “If we make each day a holiday and celebrate, it makes our life fuller,” Doug says.

The Support Group Leader Advisory Board consists of nine support group leaders: eight patients and one caregiver. The advisory board plans and implements programming for the support group leader network. Members also operate regional networking groups, which act as a special support program for PHA support group leaders.

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