Help the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) remain a leading source of professional education.

PHA provides unparalleled learning experiences for health care professionals through its Medical Education Fund. Those learning experiences include mentorships by respected pulmonary hypertension experts and continuing education courses through PHA Online University, PHA Medical Education On-Demand and the PHA Preceptorship program. Those initiatives foster a vibrant professional community that thrives on collaboration and shared learning.

PHA’s medical education programming provides timely, accurate information from top experts in the field, says Kimberly Jackson, B.S.N., R.N., pulmonary hypertension program coordinator, Gill Heart and Vascular. Kim is chair of PHA’s PH Professional Network and a member of the PHA Board of Trustees.

“When I began my work with PH patients, I connected with the PHA Mentorship Program,” she says. “Having someone to help me learn not only about disease state, but also how to navigate the various health systems, to assist my patients in receiving the best care possible, was extremely valuable.”

In the last few years, funding for PHA’s educational programming has fallen to concerning levels. However, our commitment to quality medical education is unwavering. PHA continuously strives to bring the PH community closer to discovering new therapies and finding a cure.

“Whether you’re at home and want to do some additional research, or you have a question about how other care centers would approach a scenario for a PH patient, PHA provides different avenues to find the answer,” said Regina Overton-Barnes, M.D., clinical coordinator, StatCare Pulmonary Hypertension Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. “From the mentorship program to conferences and symposia to the PHA website, information is always available … to provide the best possible care to our patients.”

Help PHA continue providing education opportunities to advance PH treatment and care. Donate to the PHA Medical Education Fund.