Patient-to-Patient Support Line Volunteer Profile



Diagnosed in 1999

I’m a retired high school math teacher. I enjoy babysitting for my grandchildren. In my spare time, I love to sew and travel with my husband.

About Jan:

  • Born in 1946
  • Lives in Louisiana
  • Type of PH: Idiopathic
  • Languages: English

Jan feels comfortable discussing her experiences with:

  • infused medication
  • oral medication
  • supplementary oxygen
  • cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation
  • traveling with PH
  • communicating with school personnel about PH
  • communicating with medical personnel
  • local support groups
Disclaimer: Patient-to-Patient Support Line volunteers are available to provide hope and support to PH patients and caregivers. They are not intended to provide medical advice on individual matters, which should be obtained directly from a physician.