Interested in Starting a Support Group?

We define a support group as two or more people. It can be very simple or very elaborate depending upon where you live and the time you have to invest in starting up a group. We appreciate any time put into organizing patients, no matter the size of the group. Bringing patients together helps saves lives and promotes better health and happier living!

Getting Started

  1. Watch a Support Groups 101 training video
  2. Learn about how to start a Young Adult Support Group
  3. Talk to a Support Group leader for advice
  4. See if your local PH treating physician can help
  5. Contact PHA to become officially recognized, gro.noitaicossAHP@troppuS or 301-565-3004 x755
    1. We’ll talk you through the process and help you with a plan of action for the first meeting.
    2. We’ll mail you a Support Group Leader Manual for the A to Z of starting a PH group.
    3. We’ll connect you with additional resources.
  6. Request a free Support Group Leader Manual and get started with PHA:

Begin leader orientation

PHA Resources for Official PHA Support Groups

  • A Support Group Website JUST for your group
  • Access to a special leaders-only email group for ideas and breaking news
  • Free educational materials, DVDs and a starter kit for your first meeting
  • Direct advertising of your meetings to our patients and members
  • Connection to industry sponsors who offer support, publicity and speakers
  • Monthly trainings through our Second Tuesday webinars and conference calls
  • Sponsorship for food at meetings