Support Groups 101

Support Groups: 101 is an easy-to-follow, soup-to-nuts training video that introduces volunteers to the tasks of planning, advertising and running support group meetings. It also gives insight into the legacy and importance of starting and sustaining support groups for people affected by pulmonary hypertension.

The training video runs just over 45 minutes and covers such things as selecting a meeting space, finding topics and speakers and soliciting food sponsorship. Here’s what leaders are saying about it:

“I was extremely impressed with the recording. It was very helpful to me in planning my very first meeting as I was able to follow along, take notes and screenshots and make my personal checklist of things to do while I plan my meetings.”
Dawn Jones – Eastern Shore, MD Support Group Leader

“I thought I had an idea about support groups because I’ve attended a few, but it’s completely different when you are actually trying to run one yourself! Luckily there is a lot of support from PHA. This video taught me that there is no wrong way to have a meeting, that it will be different every time.”
Brandie Osborne – Compton, CA Support Group Leader

“Listening to this webinar and comparing it to my first meeting, I came away thinking, ‘It’s going to be okay. I can do this. All it takes is two people and that sense of fellowship!’ And I learned that in my role not only do I lead but I network as well. We have to use our leadership as a tool to get involved in our local community and within the larger PH community.”
Nichole Bardwell – Columbus, IN Support Group Leader