Courtney Hanna Griffin and Dawn Reynolds have been best friends since their 1997 internship in Clearwater, Florida.

“Dawn was a kindhearted soul whose smile lit up the room and made everyone feel special,” says Courtney, pictured at right with Dawn, center, and Courtney’s twin Anne Hanna, left.

In September 2009, Dawn called Courtney to tell her that she had been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension (PH) and was in the ICU. The friends had never heard of PH and found the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA). They wanted to learn more about the disease, how it affected people and treatment options so Dawn could beat PH.

“When her journey started, [the doctors] said she would only live another five years,” Courtney recalls. “She proved them wrong. My husband Andy and I felt we needed to do something to help Dawn’s dream of a cure or better medication come true.”

When Dawn passed away nearly 10 years later, Courtney began donating to PHA to keep Dawn’s memory and spirit alive.

“No matter the amount, every dollar counts,” Courtney says. “Without people giving, improved treatments and a cure will not happen. We all need to do our part and help in any way we can. If we all come together, we can help our loved ones take steps towards a cure.”

As a nonprofit organization, PHA relies on donations to fulfill its mission to improve and the lives of people with PH. Join Courtney in donating to PHA to help find a cure. Contact us to learn how to make an impact on the PH community, or call 240-485-3810.

From left to right: Anne Hanna, Dawn Reynolds and Courtney Hanna Griffin.