PHPN Executive Committee

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Nine PHPN members comprise the Executive Committee. The committee gathers in March and September to discuss the state of PHPN and how the committee can better serve its members. During the biannual meetings, there is an ongoing collaboration between the different committee chairs to discuss how all the individual committee projects fit together and how

Symposium Update

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The Symposium Committee has been busy planning the 2017 PHPN Symposium that will take place Oct. 5-7, 2017 in Bethesda, Maryland, at a new location, the Bethesda North Marriot Hotel & Conference Center. This year’s theme is Navigating the Future: Individualizing Patient Care in the Face of Increasingly Complex Treatment Options. The opening speaker has

PHPN Executive Committee Vacancies

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Two positions are opening on the Executive Committee in September 2017. The positions of chair of the Communications Committee and vice chair of the Symposium Committee will both be vacant and open to applicants interested in serving the PH medical community. These positions each carry a term of two years, with the Symposium vice chair

PHPN Members Present Patient Webinars on Intimacy

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Two PHPN members recently contributed their time and expertise to author and present live webinars for PH patients and caregivers. Recordings of these webinars will soon be published as videos on PHA Classroom, the online educational platform designed for PH patients and families that features resources on medical and lifestyle topics. Both patient education webinars