Outstanding Allied Health Professional

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Congratulations to Glenna Traiger for being awarded the Outstanding Allied Health Professional Award at the 2016 PHA International Conference! Glenna accepted her award on Friday, June 17 at the dinner session called “25 Years of PH Medicine and its Future,” to the delight of her colleagues and friends. PH Professional Network (PHPN) members celebrated in

Nurses on the Road

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In addition to being a PHA Board of Trustees member and former PHPN Chair, Traci Stewart, RN, MSN, CHFN has been a Pulmonary Hypertension Nurse Coordinator at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for over 20 years and has helped facilitate the local Iowa PH support group for the last 13 years. Recently, when

The PHPN Mentor Program

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The purpose of the PHPN Mentor Program is to connect more experienced PH healthcare professionals with those new to PH or new to their role. Could a Mentor help me? If you are transitioning to a new work role or have new work responsibilities such as program evaluation, new clinical or research responsibilities or change

PHPN Symposium Committee Update

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Vision Statement Provide PHPN members with a quality educational conference covering diverse PH topics designed to enhance practice. Objectives 1. To plan and coordinate the biennial PH Professional Network Symposium 2. To develop educational sessions, recruit speakers and conceptualize new programming for Symposium 3. To provide new networking opportunities at Symposium in an effort to

PHPN Practice Committee Update

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Vision Statement: The Practice committee researches, evaluates and disseminates information about ongoing developments in pulmonary hypertension. Objectives Develop webinars by recruiting experts to provide evidence-based programs Gather images as a resource for PHPN members through PHA Online University What they are working on: Webinars The committee has been wrapping up webinars from 2014 and 2015 and is

PHPN Education Committee Update

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Vision Statement: The Education Committee evaluates, creates and disseminates PH-based education materials for patients and allied health professionals. Objectives: Review and update current PHA-sponsored patient educational materials as needed. Define, create and introduce a PHPN Journal club with the focus of reviewing current literature for allied health professionals. Identify educational needs of the general pulmonary

PHPN Communications Committee Update

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Mission Statement: The primary responsibility of the Communication Committee is to provide information of interest and value to our PHPN members and to provide vehicles of communication for input from PHPN members to the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs. The Communications Committee has a broad reach, covering membership, the Mentor Program, the re-purposed PH Pulse,