PHPN Mentor Program Update – PHCC Mentoring

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The PHPN Mentor Program has recently made some changes to include PHCC accreditation mentoring.  We are currently recruiting both mentors and mentees for this and other areas of mentorship. The PHPN Mentor Program is a six month, renewable contract between an experienced PH expert (mentor) and a health care professional with an interest and need

Navigating the PHA Website

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In May,  PHA’s website moved to a more mobile-responsive platform to allow for better accessibility and ease of use for the PH Community and the general public looking to learn more about PHA and PH. Here are some quick links for PHPN membership, online and live medical education events and patient education resources: PHA’s Medical

2017 PHPN Symposium Highlights in a Glance

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This year’s Symposium is one you don’t want to miss! A few exciting things awaiting you at the 2017 PHPN Symposium: A New York Times bestselling author A new venue APN pharmacy credits A record number of speakers and abstract protocols The return of the highly-rated “Debate Session” plus other thought-provoking educational sessions led by

Symposium Committee Updates

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The Symposium Committee has been busy finalizing the 2017 PHPN Symposium which will take place Oct. 5-7, 2017, in Bethesda, Md. at new location: the Bethesda North Marriot Hotel and Conference Center. The 2017 PHPN Symposium theme is: Navigating the Future: Individualizing patient care in the face of increasingly complex treatment options. To find out

Practice Committee Updates

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This committee examines the discussions in the PHPN email group in search of trends to determine which practice resources are needed or desired in the PH-treating community. If you have tuned in to a live webinar on PHA Online University lately, most likely it was planned by the PHPN Practice Committee. Vision Statement The Practice

Communications Committee Updates

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The Communications Committee has a broad reach, covering membership, the Mentor Program, the re-purposed PH Pulse, the creation of wellness resources for members and helping to find and assist the PHPN Advances Editor. Vision Statement: The primary responsibility of the Communication Committee is to provide information of interest and value to our PHPN members and

Education Committee Updates

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Via monthly conference calls, the Education Committee continues to look for gaps in patient education resources and works with PHA staff to find innovative ways to make a difference for patients, caregivers and colleagues. Read more to see what they are currently working on. Vision Statement: The Education Committee evaluates, creates and disseminates PH education

Executive Committee

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The chairs of each of the four committees below, as well as the chair, chair-elect and immediate past chair of PHPN, make up the Executive Committee. In early October, following Symposium, they will meet in North Bethesda, Md., to discuss how all of the committee projects fit together, share insights and work to address the

PHCC Update

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The PH Care Centers (PHCC) initiative was formed to assure access to quality care for all PH patients living in the continental United States. As of September 2017, we have accredited 43 adult and eight pediatric Centers of Comprehensive Care (CCCs) and three adult Regional Clinical Programs (RCPs). PHA and PHCC have celebrated and marketed

It’s All About You!

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Melisa Wilson, ARNP, ACNP-BC, is the pulmonary hypertension program coordinator for Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Melisa was introduced to the pulmonary hypertension arena in 2006 when she became a nurse practitioner specializing in pulmonary medicine. She transitioned into cardiology under the mentorship of Dr. James Tarver III. Melisa said, “Dr. Tarver has a true