Dec. 2016 – 2016 in Review and Planning for a Successful 2017

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What does "success" mean to you? What does it mean to your group? How can we start now to prepare for a successful year ahead? Leaders joined in a discussion about these questions and more on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 at 8pm Eastern which has been archived for training. Two longtime leaders gave examples of

PAR for the Course – Planning, Advertising, Running Your Meetings –  Part II

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This nuts-and-bolts webinar is second in a series, "PAR for the Course - Planning, Advertising, Running Your Meetings." This webinar focuses on advertising. Laura Hooley is the support group leader of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Support Group in New Hampshire. Under her leadership and thanks to her broad advertising strategy, her group has grown considerably in

Social Media: Facebook 101 for Support Group Leaders

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Find and Organize Patients with Facebook: Communicate, Recruit and More! Are you using the power of social media to find new patients? Are you keeping conversation going among your members when your support group is not meeting? Fact: More than 200 leaders are on our special Facebook group for leaders. Dozens of leaders use Facebook

Leaders Scoop: PHAs International Conference

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PHA’s International PH Conferences bring together more than 1,500 patients, caregivers, medical professionals and other friends of PHA every two years to share information on the latest research, treatments and lifestyle issues with PH. Well, this is one of those years, and we've got the inside scoop for support group leaders. Maximize your budget, time,

The New Pathlight Magazine and PHA Membership

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Join Megan Mallory, Pathlight editor and PHA Director of Publications, and Maggie Bahrmasel, PHA Development Associate, as they introduce you to the newly redesigned Pathlight magazine. They will walk you through the different sections and make sure you and your support group members know how to get the magazine each quarter. Megan and Maggie will

Leader Challenges, Strengths, Goals and More!

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What challenges do pulmonary hypertension support group leaders face, when organizing meetings? What strengths do leaders bring to running their groups and managing their members? What does the "typical" pulmonary hypertension support group look like? Based on the leader responses to our 2014 Support Group Census: 63% meet on a Saturday71% meet around lunch time46%