PHA’s advocacy action center has two new alerts that make it easy for you to speak out about legislation that impacts the PH community. Take action now with just a few clicks.

  • National action: Wherever you live, email your U.S. representative about the life-threatening risk of step therapy requirements for PH patients. Email now.
  • State action: Advocates in Illinois, let your senators now that copay cards must count toward patients’ deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. Email now.

Issue Background

Step therapy shifts an individual from one medication to another based on the cost of the medication rather than physician recommendation. The Safe Step Act protects individuals with life-threatening illnesses like PH from risky step therapy requirements. Ask your representative to co-sponsor.

PHA is expanding our state-level advocacy. Illinois advocates can take action to require that health insurance payers count copay cards and copay assistance grants toward your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Don’t live in Illinois? Share the alert with family and friends!

Learn more and join PHA’s grassroots advocacy network by contacting Katie Kroner at gro.noitaicossAHP@ycacovdA or 301-565-3004 x749. Or visit,