This year’s most popular Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) social media posts featured informative graphics, educational videos and special day announcements like Rare Disease Day and CTEPH Day. PHA is thankful for everyone in the pulmonary hypertension (PH) community who follows, comments about, likes and shares content on PHA’s social media platforms. These social interactions help spread PHA’s mission of extending and improving the lives of those affected by PH. Here are PHA’s top 10 most popular social media posts from 2019:

  1. We changed our profile picture for Rare Disease Day 2019. This post reached 26,961 people and had 40,588 impressions and 2,177 engagements.

  2. This post remembered classical singer and author, Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, who passed away on April 23. This post reached 17,724 people and had 26,661 impressions and 3,680 engagements.

  3. We posted a graphic for Rare Disease Day 2019. This post reached 16,807 people and had 24,577 impressions and 1,566 engagements.

  4. We shared a graphic for World PH Day 2019 that says it takes 2-3 years for an accurate PH diagnosis. This post reached 14,935 people and had 22,534 impressions and 1,951 engagements. We posted a similar graphic for PHA Awareness Month and reached another 13,728 people, with 14,466 impressions and 1,741 engagements.

  5. We shared a graphic for PH Awareness Month that 86% of PH patients reported the symptom of shortness of breath. This post reached 13,151 people and had 13,505 impressions and 1,461 engagements.

  6. We kicked off PH Awareness Month with a post on Oct. 31. This post reached 13,122 people and had 14,234 impressions and 831 engagements.

  7. PHA interviewed Dr. Peter Hountras for a Facebook live Q&A on CTEPH Awareness Day. This video post reached 12,052 people and had 5,165 views, 13,096 impressions and 460 engagements.

  8. We did a post on World PH Day that encouraged people to spread awareness. This post reached 10,999 people and had 16,596 impressions and 1,410 engagements.

  9. We shared a post on Nov. 11 that announced the upcoming CTEPH Awareness Day on Nov. 13. This post reached 10,954 people and had 11,584 impressions and 876 engagements.

  10. This post of CTEPH expert, Gustavo Heresi, M.D., links to a video of him explaining the treatments for CTEPH. This post reached 9,584 people and had 11,602 impressions and 321 engagements.