The Pulmonary Hypertension Association will begin accepting applications in January 2018 for people living with PH and their caregivers in need of financial support to attend the 2018 PHA International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions.  Conference scholarships cover several categories:

  • U.S. adults living with PH and a companion/caregiver, U.S. pediatric patients (under 18 years) with a parent/caregiver and non-U.S. (International) attendees
    • May include Conference registration and some travel and lodging
  • PHA Support Group Leaders and PHA PHriends volunteers
    • May receive stipends to cover some registration costs

PHA established the Conference scholarship program in 2006 to further ease the financial burden of registration fees, which are already heavily subsidized through PHA. Conference offers three days of educational programming and networking — empowering attendees to manage their health and live longer, better lives. The scholarship program is intended to provide people recently diagnosed with PH and/or first-time attendees the opportunity to experience this life-changing event.

To ensure that as many people as possible are able to benefit from Conference scholarships, eligibility for these limited funds is reserved for attendees who have not previously received scholarship dollars. Support group leaders who have received scholarships in the past are eligible to apply for a stipend, which may be awarded more than once.

Pediatric and international eligibility requirements have not been finalized, so please continue to check the PHA website and PHANews for updates. Eligibility requirements are established by a Conference Scholarship Committee, an anonymous group of patient and caregivers.

Appreciating the value of its Patient and Caregiver Program volunteers, PHA will also recognize and reward these individuals who support the organization’s programs with their time. PHA will offer stipends covering Conference registration fees to the first 150 registered peer support volunteers, including PHA members who serve as active support group leaders or PHA PHriends, who provide online and telephone support.

PHA understands the need for individuals and families to plan for Conference, especially when it comes to making travel arrangements and saving up to cover the costs of travel, registration and lodging. As such, PHA will provide updates about Conference programming, registration and scholarships as additional details available. Please continue to check the PHA website, PHANews, and your inbox for e-communications from PHA, and encourage other PH patients and caregivers you know to sign up for PHA emails here.

If you have any questions about PHA’s Conference Scholarship Program, please contact Mike Knaapen, PHA’s Director of Patient and Caregiver Programs: gro.noitaicossahp@kleahcim or 240-485-0758. If you believe you may be eligible, but are not a paid member of PHA, click here to join or call 301.565.3004.


PHA will begin accepting applications for Conference scholarships in January 2018.

The 2018 Conference will take place June 29-July 1 in Orlando, Fla.

The Conference scholarship program in 2006 to further ease the financial burden of registration fees, which are already heavily subsidized through PHA.

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