A short video created to gain the attention of an energy drink brand presents a realistic snapshot of a loved one caring for and then losing a loved one to pulmonary hypertension (PH).

Robert Nyerges’ mother, Helena Strauch, lost her long struggle with PH nearly a decade ago.  Now a filmmaker, Nyerges made the short “spec” ad in her honor, in time for Mother’s Day.  A spec ad is a new way filmmakers are getting the attention of brands.  The hope is that the commercial will “go viral” with word of mouth buzz.

By featuring his mother’s battle with PH and his role as a young caretaker, Nyerges wanted his spec ad to represent the strength of the human spirit.  He also hoped the ad would offer encouragement to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

After the film credits listed on YouTube where the ad is posted, Nyerges refers people to PHA’s website to learn more about PH or to support our cause.

This Mother’s Day weekend, Nyerges’ video was one of PHA’s most widely viewed items on PHA’s Facebook page, where it continues to get a lot of views and positive responses. If you have not liked PHA’s Facebook page, please do so after viewing the video.