When Jeri Nudell was at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions in Orlando in 2018, she met an inspiring fellow attendee. In their long conversation, Charlotte Gilbert told Jeri that she was no longer blogging because her PH had progressed too much. Jeri shared that she had never been to a PH support group because the closest one was hours away from her home in South Dakota.

“That day we promised each other that she would begin to blog again if I actively pursued getting information on starting a PHA support group.”

Charlotte resumed her blog, but unfortunately died in January 2019 after a double lung transplant. And Jeri recently fulfilled her promise, launching the Black Hills Support Group with Rayetta Johnson.

Jeri saved the blog post Charlotte had sent her, which thanked Jeri for encouraging her to return to blogging.

“I lead the Black Hills Support Group in good faith, with a smile on my face, remembering my friend whom I met at my first PHA conference,” Jeri says. “She left me with so much strength and perseverance to push forward and help myself and anyone else who attends the Black Hills Support Group meetings.”

The Black Hills Support Group’s first meeting in December 2019 focused on the group’s plans to offer support to as many people living with PH and their loved ones as possible.