The spring 2023 issue of Pathlight examines the state of PH. The stories reflect changes in the understanding and treatment of pulmonary hypertension (PH), as well as personal experiences.

Significantly, the spring issue includes an in-depth look at PH treatment and diagnosis guidelines published in August 2022. The new international guidelines are expected to influence PH care and lead to earlier, more accurate diagnosis. That story includes interviews with Marc Humbert, M.D., Ph.D., the primary author of the guidelines, and Anna Hemnes, M.D., chair of PHA’s Scientific Leadership Council.

Dr. Humbert will discuss the guidelines in greater detail this fall at PHA’s PH Professional Network Symposium. The event is set for Sept. 28 through 30 in Arlington, Virginia, as well as online.

The state of PH goes beyond research and guidelines. In “Doctor’s Mission Advances International PH Collaboration,” Vinicio de Jesus Perez, M.D., relates how he seeks to improve global PH collaboration because research and treatment access vary throughout the world. Dr. Perez, a member of PHA’s Scientific Leadership Council, aims to bridge the gap between existing care guidelines and the reality of people with PH wherever they live.

Our cover story details how artist Suzanne Miller manages her PH by focusing on mind and body wellness. Suzanne discusses her acute depression after her diagnosis, as well as therapy, PH treatment and acceptance.

Other stories in this month’s issue include:

  • “Family Shares Story To Help Other Bereaved Caregivers. This donor spotlight comes from the family of Joanna Grey, whom PHA currently features in our spring fundraising campaign.
  • “5 Tips To Transition From Pediatric to Adult Care”
  • “Advocating for PH Patients in the New Congress”
  • “3 Avenues to Copay Assistance”

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