Chelsea Warnberg celebrates another successful event.

When Chelsea Warnberg was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) nine years ago at age 21, her mother, Cindy, was there for her every step of the way. As primary caregiver, Cindy accompanied her daughter to countless appointments through each stage of her treatment.

“Watching my daughter face this disease was terrifying,” Cindy says. “As her caregiver, I made sure I was strong for both of us. I was her voice when she couldn’t speak on her own.”

After hearing about the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) from Chelsea’s health care provider, Cindy was heartened to find many resources that acknowledged the importance of caregivers.

“PHA was a source of hope for both of us. They connected us with other patients just like Chelsea. I’m so grateful for the community we’ve found in PHA.”

Now that Chelsea’s PH is stabilized and is well-controlled with oral medicine, Cindy’s caregiver duties have shifted.

“When Chelsea was first diagnosed, she was very shy and needed me to be her advocate. Now I’m continually impressed by her strength, which she uses to educate and empower others. I’ve stepped back a bit, but I’m always here when she needs me.”

Each year the Warnbergs host an event in their community to raise funds for PHA. What started as a small golf tournament with 30 participants has snowballed into an annual event with a raffle and silent auction. Cindy is proud that the event last year raised over $27,000 for PHA. This year’s Puttin’ PHore Poots is set for Sep. 19.

“I’m glad to contribute to an organization that was there for us during our darkest moments. We look forward to our event each year, and it feels great to give back to PHA!”

Click here to donate to PHA or find an event near you!

Cindy Warnberg