As the new school year approaches, make sure you set up a 504 plan with your child’s principal, counselor and teacher.

Like individualized education plans (IEP), which list measurable goals your child can work toward and attain throughout the school year, 504 plans are important parts of your back-to-school checklist.

504 plans are designed to accommodate your child’s needs and help them stay on track with their peers. This plan is malleable, and you can alter it as you child’s needs change.

Some features of a 504 plan include:

  • Introducing pulmonary hypertension (PH) to educators and explaining how it affects your child.
  • Creating an emergency plan for what happens if your child has a PH event at school.
  • Creating accommodations specific to your child (longer time between class changes, more rest time after recess, etc.).
  • Discussing how to manage your child’s workload in the event of a long absence.

504 plans help create an educational environment for your child to thrive in. Learn more about 504 plans in our PHA Classroom video.