Throughout the month of May, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) joined PH organizations around the world to celebrate World PH Day. During the month, the official website for the recognition day ( received over 2.4K visitors. Pages on the website were viewed nearly 5,000 times with 85.4% of the traffic being new visitors. Social media accounted for 43.7% of the traffic to the site. The hashtag, #WorldPHDay2019 was used in over 290 posts on Twitter and seen by 582,048 users. Overall, the hashtag was viewed 750,900 times on Twitter. World PH Day tweets for the month surfacing on over 17.2K Twitter feeds. There were over 400 likes, comments and retweets on WPHD Twitter posts, with the most popular post earning over 2.8K impressions.

The World PH Day Facebook campaign reached over 66.7K people prompting over 7.3K likes, shares and comments. The top post for Facebook reached 14.3K people, which garnered over 1.2K likes, shares and comments. Content on Instagram was displayed over 8.8K impressions which led to over 6.1K viewing the content. Over 400 reposts, comments and likes resulted from Instagram posts. PHA’s message on LinkedIn reached 2.5K professionals leading to 121 clicks and reactions.