Throughout May, beginning on World PH Day, May 5, 80 global pulmonary hypertension (PH) organizations will participate in a worldwide awareness campaign to advocate for access to PH diagnosis, treatment and care.

Organizations will share photos, stories and social media messages linked by an image of two linked hearts, the 2018 World PH Day campaign symbol. The two-hearts logo symbolizes unity and the need for greater awareness of the disease. The mirrored hearts indicate that the health of the heart’s right ventricle is as important as the health of the left ventricle. This important detail is often overlooked in medical screenings. The image was the choice of representatives from 29 countries from Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, North America and South America from countries as diverse as South Africa, South Korea, the Philippines, Nepal, Israel and China.

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association has designed a toolkit with easy-to-translate English-language materials you may use to participate in the World PH Day campaign. From May 5 – May 31, please use the contents of this kit to:

    1. Encourage people to photograph themselves holding the two-hearts 2018 World PH Day symbol and post the photos on social media
    2. Change your social media profile and cover photos to the 2018 World PH Day images (below)
    3. Share and repost participating agencies’ World PH Day two-hearts campaign posts
    4. Adapt the news release template for your organization
    5. Post the World PH Day memes included in this kit (below)

Thank you to all PH organizations that voted on the two-hearts design to represent the 2018 World PH Day campaign. Remember, this image does not replace the World PH Day logo. We will only use it in 2018 for social media posts/badges and photos.

Social Media Resources

World PH Day 2018 Profile Image

World PH Day 2018 Facebook Banner

Associated Disease Memes