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New Releases

PH and Your Child: Q&A

Eric D. Austin, M.D., MSCI discusses the ways that PH affects children and answers questions regarding the management, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric patients.

iona prestonPH, Intimacy and Self-Image: A Woman’s Journey

Ioana R. Preston, M.D. addresses personal issues that affect female patients with PH and identifies creative ways for patients with physical or functional limitations to have meaningful intimate relationships. The presentation provides strategies to help women feel more comfortable with their bodies, improve self-image, enhance intimate relationships, and feel more comfortable in sexual experiences.

Emily GriffinVisiting a Genetic Counselor

Emily Griffin, M.S., C.G.C, a genetic counselor from Columbia University Irving Medical Center explains the basics of a genetic counseling session including what to expect and how to prepare for an appointment.

Stephen MathaiWhat is the Relationship Between PH and Connective Tissue Disease?

Stephen Mathai, MD, MHS explains the relationship that exists between pulmonary hypertension and connective tissue disease.

Stephen MathaiWhat is the Risk of Developing PH if You Have Connective Tissue Disease?

Stephen Mathai, MD, MHS discusses the various risks related to developing pulmonary hypertension if you have connective tissue disease.

otc medication titleOver-the-Counter Medications and Side Effects Management

Martha Kingman, D.N.P., FNP-C, and Jessica Humphrey, Pharm.D., BCPS, discuss the classifications of medications used to treat pulmonary hypertension (PH) and their side effects, interactions between common over-the-counter (OTC) medications and PH medications, and identifying the differences between cold, flu, allergy and COVID-19 symptoms in this webinar.

Jean Elwing

PH101: Part 1- Understanding Diagnosis

Jean M. Elwing, MD presents information on the basics of PH, how PH is defined and the types and classifications of PH.

Jean Elwing

PH101: Part 2 – Diagnostics and Treatment Options

Jean M. Elwing, MD discusses the different types of PH and the reasons behind the extensive testing that is required for an accurate PH diagnosis. An explanation of the available treatments for each type of PH and considerations that your PH care team makes when choosing the best treatment plan for you is presented.”

Melanie K. Nies, M.D.Clinical Research in Pediatrics and Informed Consent for Parents

Melanie K. Nies, MD, talks about why pediatric research is important, how it is different than research in adults and things to know when considering participation in pediatric research for your child.

An Overview of the Drug Development ProcessDaniel C. Grinnan, M.D.

Daniel C. Grinnan, MD, provides an overview of how new medications are developed.

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